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IUL News

  • A customer FAQ is now available, this lists the most commonly asked questions from IUL clients... and the answers!  Click here to view the FAQ.

Web-based E-Mail (Webmail)

All IUL dialup clients may access their email from any web-browser worldwide by visiting  IUL web/email hosting clients should contact for information on the cost of activating this feature for your virtual email domain.

You can check for mail from work, from an Internet Cafe, or from a hotel Internet connection when you travel (you do not need to be dialed-in to IUL directly to use this service).  Please note that when using webmail, your messages are stored on the server and they will continue to consume your email storage quota until you either delete and purge them through webmail or download them using Outlook Express or your normal email software. Sent-items and email you have moved out of your inbox into another folder are not downloaded to your local PC and will continue to consume storage until deleted and purged from webmail.  If you have deleted and purged an email in webmail and then decide you need it back, sorry... it's gone and cannot be recovered.

IUL clients are also encouraged to use webmail when they feel someone has sent them an attachment in email that is taking far too long to download.  With webmail you can view and delete individual messages from your mailbox at will, without downloading the entire mailbox to your computer.

Getting Support

In order that we may support you better...

Before phoning us for support:

  • Check our network status page to see if your problem is described there (a short version of our network status report is also available by phone in our voicemail system when we are having system difficulties).  If it is, the problem is network wide and we are working to fix it already, there is no need to call.
  • Check our client bulletins & tech-notes and our FAQ to see if there are any software changes we need a particular group of users to make, or if there is a tech-note which describes the symptoms you are having.
  • If you have made changes to your software, or installed new Internet applications, please verify your settings against our software settings page to ensure that your configuration matches the required settings.

If none of the above solve the problem:

  • Contact us via e-mail at if at all possible, support enquiries sent by email allow us to research the problem beforehand and possibly resolve the problem or have a solution ready when we contact you back.  In your email, please describe the steps you go through leading up to the problem, and the exact text of any error messages you receive.  As well please document the exact time your attempts were made, we can then correlate this information against our log files if necessary to troubleshoot the problem.  If you are reporting that someone is not able to send you email, if possible please have them forward a copy of the error message they receive to; this will allow us to more quickly track the problem.
  • If you are not able to contact us by email because you cannot connect, or because your email is not functioning, please call us at 403-264-5608.  

Terms and Conditions of Service

All IUL clients should read and be familiar with the IUL Term of Service.  Click here to read our TOS policy.  Your use of IUL services indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Client Dialup Usage Report 

You may access your usage statistics at any time by logging into our webmail service at and selecting the "Dialup Report" option from the menu.  These statistics are updated once an hour.

Personal Webspace

Users desiring to have personal webspace on our server should contact and request that a personal webspace be set up.  Once that space is set up, you are free to post your personal homepage on the server.  Please note that personal webspace is for NON-COMMERCIAL use ONLY (users wishing to conduct business must purchase businesswebspace), and may not contravene our TOS policy.


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