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The following represents a list of the most frequently asked questions by our customers:

  • Q:  I have received an automated e-mail message from the server saying that I am almost out of "disk quota", what should I do?
    A:  There are two separate areas where you may run out of disk quota, your e-mail inbox and your personal storage space; the e-mail you receive will tell you which of these two areas is out of space.  Your e-mail inbox contains all of your new mail that you have not yet downloaded from the server, if this area gets full you will not be able to receive any new e-mail.  Your personal storage space contains an assortment of items including your personal website if you have uploaded one to the server, email messages which you have sorted into folders within our Webmail system, and email messages that you have deleted within our Webmail system (if you have not emptied your Webmail trashcan before logging out of Webmail).  If it is your e-mail inbox that is full, simply download your e-mail from the server (making sure that you do not have "leave messages on the server" set in your e-mail software).  If you cannot download your new email because it is too large or takes too long, you will be able to clean it up by logging into our Webmail server (please see the next question in this FAQ for further details on this process).  If it is your personal storage space which is full, you will either have to remove some content from your personal website, or log in to Webmail and either delete e-mail messages that you have sorted into Webmail folders, or empty your Webmail trashcan to free up space.
  • Q:  When I try to download my email it says something like "receiving message 1 of 4" but it gets to the 2nd (or 3rd, etc) message and then just sits forever (and eventually I get disconnected).  When I reconnect, it starts trying to download from the first message again.
    A:  It is likely that someone has sent you an email with a large file attached.  Users with high-speed Internet connections sometimes don't realize how long it can take for a user with a slower Internet connection to download a file.  The best solution is to connect back to the Internet and access our Webmail service with your web browser at (without opening your e-mail program).  This will allow you to read and delete individual messages in your e-mail inbox without affecting other messages, allowing you to delete the message which is causing you problems without losing the other messages in your inbox.  Note that you must remember to click the "empty trash" button before logging out of Webmail in order for the message to be deleted.  Once you have closed Webmail you can then open your e-mail program and download the remaining messages from the server.
  • Q:  Where can I view your Operating Policies / Terms of Service?
    A:  All services are subject to our standard Operating Policies/Terms of Service document which is viewable here.

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