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The following represents basic rate information for Internet Unlimited hosting services. If you have any questions, or can't find the product you are interested in, please feel free to contact us by phone at (403) 264-5608 or via email at

Hosting Services

IUL can provide a full range of hosting services, from basic storage to site design and Virtual Server hosting. All WWW sites/storage provide FTP access for uploading of your pages.  Please check our add-ons section for information on services you may wish to add onto your basic account.

Virtual E-Mail (

  • $249/year + $100 setup
  • Host your company's email on our server (with your own domain name)
  • Includes domain hosting (domain registrar fees not included)
  • Includes 5 POP E-Mail accounts (with 100 Megabytes per e-mail inbox), additional accounts available at $40/year
  • Webmail access is included (access your email inbox from any web browser)

Virtual Web (

  • $249/year + $100 setup
  • Host your company's website on our server (with your own domain name)
  • Includes domain hosting (domain registrar fees not included)
  • 100 Megabytes website storage
  • 5000 hits/month

Virtual Office

  • $399/year + $100 setup
  • Host your company's E-Mail and website on our server (under your own domain)
  • Includes all features of Virtual E-Mail and Virtual Web services as listed above


Hosting Addons

  • E-Mail alias (vanity address) or mail redirection - $10/year
  • Additional POP E-Mail account - $3.95/month ($40/year)
  • Additional E-Mail storage - $1.00/month (per 10 MB)
  • Additional web storage - $1.00/MB/month (available in 5 MB and 10 MB increments)
  • Microsoft FrontPage Support - $50 setup (commercial websites) or $25 setup (personal homepages), no monthly/annual fee
  • Website Analysis (monthly report) - $99/year + $25 setup
  • Add Custom CGI - Need to run custom CGI on your site - $50/each per year (customer provided, source code must be provided on request... we reserve the right to remove CGI having a detrimental impact on the server)
  • Custom Server Configuration - Need a custom CGI directory, directory mappings, etc. - $50.00/incident

All services are subject to our standard Operating Policies/Terms of Service viewable here.

NOTE: Prices DO NOT include GST and are subject to change without notice.


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